Careers at is a pioneering copywriting service powered by AI. We employ cutting-edge technology to tag products and generate beautiful and accurate product descriptions with a focus on our customers’ KPI. 

At we believe that AI complements human creativity. We have researched and developed an AI that writes expressive text based on a writer’s unique style. Our mission is to enable retailers to test new approaches and do much more with their existing resources. Our first product assists fashion copywriters with the arduous task of writing product descriptions. 

We are a diverse team of PhDs and linguists based in London, who are dedicated to solving real-world problems with AI. We have strong interest from leading retailers and brands in our product, with several proof of concepts underway.

Open roles

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We are looking for an experienced developer to join our management team and make an impact from day oneThe head of engineering role is path to CTO and has a significant equity stakeThe successful candidate will be responsible for turning our AI research into a commercial offering. The role is based in London. 

Responsibilities / Attributes 

  • Build upon our AI research to deliver a commercial product that delights our customers.
  • Participate in all aspects of the business, including data collection, AI training, and text generation. 
  • Communicate clearly and directly, whether in person, on the phone or via email. 
  • Give, receive and encourage feedback both in conversations and through thoughtful code reviews.
  • Attend conferences and meet-ups to stay up to date with the latest in AI research.


  • A computer science degree or other qualifying experience. 
  • Proven practical experience managing projects across the software development lifecycle. 
  • Interest in programming practices such as test-driven development, domain driven design or simple design.
  • Experience working with Python, React,TypeScript and Git. 
  • Cloud development experience in AWS using Docker, Elastic Beanstalk, and ECS. 

Useful Experience 

  • Delivery of projects in e-commerce or retail technology. 
  • An interest in AI, machine learning, and natural language processing.

This role is already filled.